Mind Games is a fun and challenging way for students to increase academic achievement while working cooperatively towards common goals. Our mission is to help students improve their grades by expanding their cognitive abilities and to assist them in developing important life skills that will lead to a lifetime of successes.

Mind Games will also create an environment that will help improve students' self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence as well as provide a setting to develop interpersonal skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork and leadership.

Mind Games offers children an opportunity to engage and practice a variety of academic and social skill sets. Each week students play educational games that stimulate brain development, delight their senses and produce meaningful learning moments! Sessions begin and end with discussions about strategy, cooperation, competition, good sportsmanship, finding solutions and teamwork.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of academic and social skills including:

• Cognitive Processing Speed
• Thinking & Reasoning

• Attention & Focus
• Sensory Integration

• Memory
• Life & Social Development

Mind Games brings the top educational games to the classroom. Our weekly themes include:

• Reading
• Math
• Adventure

• Party & Play
• Character Education
• Spelling

• Social Studies
• Science
• Cooperation

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